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Welcome to Gobind Power Solar


Gobind Power Solar is Ludhiana, Punjab based Solar Product supplier company. The company is putting effort to the promotion of eco-friendly, clean, green and environment friendly renewable solar energy technologies. Gobind Power Solar are expertise in Solar based products, specially solar invertors for domestic uses and host for customized solar energy products/services for industrial uses.


Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters suppliers in ludhiana punjab india
Solar water heating is now a mature technology. Wide spread utilization of solar water heaters can reduce a significant portion of the conventional energy being used for heating water in homes, factories and other commercial and institutional establishments. Today in our daily living we need hot water for many applications. Not only for bathing it is required for other applications such as cleaning of house, utensils, washing of cloths, cooking etc.
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Solar Power Systems

solar power projects suppliers in ludhiana punjab india
Solar energy is by far the cheapest form when compared to off grid solar energy. By generating your own electricity you reduce your electrical bill and in some cases may generate money by running the meter backwards (net metering). Usually you can achieve net metering during the day when all your appliances are off. This net metering or extra power is sold to the utility company through a program offered.
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Solar Power Products

solar power products suppliers in ludhiana punjab india
Gobind Power Solar is one of the leading suppliers, importers and distributors of renewable energy products in ludhiana, punjab, india and offer a wide range of solar product which includes solar water heating systems, solar photovoltaic module, solar home light, solar street light, solar lantern, solar power plant, solar invertors, solar garden lights, solar mobile chargers, solar energy for home, industrial solar energy projects.
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Contact Information

solar products companies dealers in ludhiana punjab india
+91 99142-30455,
+91 88729-54254


Registered Office:

157/54, Street No.1,
Amar Dass Colony
Industrial Area-C,
Daba Road,
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